Success & investing in your appearance

I believe that by this point, the connection between success and self care is clear.
Success in all areas of life starts with self-image, self acceptance, and self love. Without these
qualities, our starting point would be very low.
As a woman, I sincerely believe that a woman who invests in her external appearance has a great
chance at professional and social success. Our impression is made initially through appearance.
The path is from the outside in. We all have days in which we invest in ourselves, go out looking
put-together and well groomed and receive tons of compliments throughout the day. On these
days we feel lighter and things seem to go our way. Of course there are days that we do not have
the motivation to pamper ourselves and we end up neglecting ourselves. On those days there is
a direct correlation between self loathing, self criticism, lack of self acceptance and personal and
professional failures.
Let us imagine a job interview. When you are at your best and feel beautiful, your self- image is
high and you give off the impression that you deserve this job. Your surroundings will test you
according to your mental capabilities and your emotional intelligence, but first and foremost
by your appearance. Whether you were born beautiful or not is not relevant. What is left is the
investment. Whoever looks at you sees a cared for woman. Taking care of yourself gives off a look
of self- control. Your inner diamond shines and you give off the feeling that you can be relied on.
Even on dates, your chances of choosing the person you want are higher if you give off a well
groomed impression, look your best and feel like you deserve this - because you love who you
are and how you look.