Discover your inner diamond

As an experienced make-up artist in the field of fashion and media, I become more and more frustrated with the ways in which marketing is handled by cosmetic companies. The women chosen to represent the cosmetic lines are all beauties; models or actresses with perfect figures and perfect teeth.

What is the result? Average women feel frustrated and unappealing in comparison – sometimes not even consciously. They buy all the products for a great deal of money, get home and apply them according to all the rules but without the result they see in the ad. There will never be a similarity between Julia Roberts and a university teacher, mother of four who lives on a farm down south.

I believe this point is clear. As someone who was part of the fashion industry for so many years, I admit that we all had a hand in creating this illusion and deepen women’s frustration about their looks. Western society participates in the unspoken rules of advertising and marketing which inevitably erodes women’s self-esteem and self-confidence. It is time to change the approach and find a way to empower ourselves, accept ourselves and love ourselves instead of the opposite!

This message is aimed at cosmetics companies and is for women; there is beauty in every woman and every woman can bring this beauty to the surface. Let’s practice looking in the mirror and instead of paying attention to the flaws, let’s identify the beauty. Let’s learn how to apply make-up
- a tool that helps to draw out the beautiful diamond within.

After applying make-up to brides and their mothers, I often hear exclamations: “I didn’t know I could look so great!” I can’t express how deeply happy I am to hear these words - as a woman and as a make-up artist. I often get follow up calls from these same women asking me to give them a lesson in make-up or to get a list of products I used to prepare them for their special day. They are interested in looking great on a regular basis.

Whose gain is this? Everyone’s! The cosmetic companies have a new client who wants to look her best now that she knows she can. The compliments she received at the wedding still ring in her ears, encouraging her to invest attention in her looks and feel like the beautiful bride every day of the week. She has now tasted what it’s like to feel good about the way she looks and she likes the feeling. This sensation is the foundation for self confidence in other areas of her life and the feeling that she can continue to move up a level in her self- love, leading her towards her personal goals and achievements she hopes for herself.

I wish the cosmetic and make-up companies would use real women in their commercials to teach the techniques of applying their products. I am sure sales will soar and so will the numbers of women loving themselves and how they look.

Please join me in creating an ever widening circle of women who love themselves - who could refuse feelings of self- acceptance?

Translating these ideas into action. How can we transform self-doubt into self-love? First, by putting aside self-criticism and allow yourself to be recreated.